Is Your Business Keen To Go Green? forms part of the range of services provided by (EWMS) Environment and Waste Management Services, these services are specifically tailored to each of our clients individual needs and requirements in order to help them in attaining a Green Work Ethos and in ensuring that their company has a more positive impact on the environment, with the ultimate aim of creating a better World. With the “every little helps” attitude we intend to help our clients attain their Green Objectives and Targets. specializes in setting up Recycling Schedules for private sector industries as well as Governmental offices in which we collect Printer Cartridges, Glass, Tins, Cans, Paper & Cardboard, Plastics, batteries, and Electric & Electronic wastes.
As well as the collection of these recyclables, also offers the following services to our clients, where all the byproducts produced from these services are recycled.

• GREEN Confidential Document Destruction
• GREEN hard disk destruction

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Specialist recycling services

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Confidential waste disposal

Confidential documents are collected for subsequent destruction in a high security (Level 4) industrial paper shredder. The shredder, a HSM SP5088 Model security Level 4, can destroy A4 lever arch files and ledger books whole, without the need to open the files. The shredded paper will be cut into small pieces (1.9 x 15mm) and make them into shredded paper bails which will be palletised and sent to a paper mill in Spain for recycling.

Confidential hard Drive destruction specializes in the safe and secure collection of Hard Drives (HDDDs) from our clients for onsite destruction with our Garner Hydraulic Guillotine. These HDDDs are physically destroyed and all the waste material from the process is collected is sent for recycling to an approved site.

Office Recycling Services can collect your office wastes (paper, cardboard, batteries, toners, fluorescents, waste electrical equipment) for subsequent safe disposal and/or recycling. We can supply you with containers to collect these at your designated recycling point, where we would set up an internal “Office Recycling Point” where your staff can adequately dispose of these materials for subsequent collection and recycling.


  • Confidential shredding

Following strict procedures, we offer a Certified Document Destruction Service here in Gibraltar. We use industrial shredding machines that can shred large amounts, quickly.  The confidential documents are placed on a conveyor belt with minimum handling and automatically fed into the shredder. Your confidential documents will be shred into unidentifiable confetti type pieces.  The shredding machines use two contra-rotating drums to cut rectangular, parallelogram, or diamond-shaped shreds.   We do not shred in long parallel strips. You can accompany your confidential paper and witness the shredding process if you wish.  All paper we shred is also recycled. We cater for all requirements and can collect and shred any amount of documents. If you have an on-going need for this service, or just a once off as you are clearing out your filing rooms, please feel free to contact us and we can send you our price list.  We are always happy to help.

  • Confidential degaussing
  • Confidential destruction

Following strict procedures, we offer a Degaussing and/or Destruction Services here in Gibraltar, for hard disk drives and any other electronic media that may contain sensitive or confidential information.You can witness both of these processes and reclaim the degaussed and destroyed electronic media afterwards.  Alternatively, we can send the degaussed and/or destroyed electronic media for recycling. As always, official recycling certification, recognized by the Environmental Agency will be provided.

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ALl recycling services

Paper & Cardboard

All materials collected from our internal shredding or from our clients recycling points is packaged and bailed, these materials are then sent to an approved site where they will join the wood pulp sector where they will be used as raw materials for the manufacturing of new products.

Printer cartridges

Cartridges contain hazardous inks and dyes, so all the materials collected are sent to an approved site where the plastic, metal components are separated from the inks and dyes. These plastics and metals are then sent for the recycling as raw materials, the hazardous components are sent to approved hazardous waste disposal and treatment sites.


Electrical items collected are sent for recycling to approved sites where these are decontaminated of hazardous or environmentally noxious substances such as heavy metals, green house gasses. The plastic components are then sent for recycling and reused as raw materials for the manufacture of new items.

Battery Recycling

Mixed household batteries are collected locally by EWMS &, these batteries rancing from lithium, alkaline and mercury cells are sent to an approved waste site where these are classified into types and subsequently the metals are recycled.

Metal Recycling

We can arrange for ad-hoc, pre-arranged collections, of a wide range of metals for recycling. Ferrous metals, stainless steel, aluminium and copper are the main metals we can collect for recycling at an approved recycling site.

Fluorescent tubes

This waste has a highly contaminating, heavy metal component used in the light tubes themselves, which if broken and disposed off in an unauthorised way will be a direct input of mercury into the ecosystem in which we live. At EWMS & we collect these items, undamaged, and pre package them for safe transport to an approved site where the heavy metal content will be recovered and safely recycled or disposed off in accordance with EU requirements and legislation.

Excellency the Governor, Sir Adrian Johns.

We’re committed to reducing further our carbon footprint here in the Convent. This commitment is evident not only in our participation in Clean up the World and the environmental focus in our Garden Open Days, but also in our ongoing work with and our efforts 365 days of the year to recycle as much as we can – glass, cans, paper, cardboard and so on. I’m aware that lots of others in Gibraltar are doing likewise, and we’re determined to do our bit as well, says His

Recycling in Gibraltar Business Benefits



Through better management of your waste and becoming more eco aware you can really save money on electricity, stationary and waste management bills. Conserving resources is also good for the environment.



Publicising that you participate in recycling and other eco-friendly waste management practices does wonders for your company’s image and helps to attract and retain both employees and customers.


& Industry STANDARDS

By recycling your waste, your company can help to ensure that it complies with all environmental regulations and standards as enforced by local Government and other European regulations such as ISO 14,000.