Office recycling services

EWMS Ltd are introducing “office recycling services” to their wide range of waste disposal and recycling services currently provided to our clients in Gibraltar.

New services that have been introduced are the following:

Confidential document destruction

Confidential documents can be delivered or we can collect for subsequent destruction in a high security (Level 4) industrial paper shredder. The shredder, a HSM SP5088 Model security Level 4, can destroy A4 lever arch files and ledger books whole, without the need to open the files. The shredded paper will be cut into small pieces (1.9 x 15mm) and make them into shredded paper bails which will be palletised and sent to a paper mill in Spain for recycling.

Paper recycling

As well as shredding, EWMS can provide services to place paper recycling bins in your offices to collect shredded and unshredded office paper for subsequent recycling at a paper mill in Spain.

Batteries, toners, fluorescents, waste electrical equipment

EWMS Ltd can collect your office wastes (batteries, toners, fluorescents, waste electrical equipment) for subsequent safe disposal and/or recycling. If required we can supply you with containers to collect these at your designated recycling point.