At EWMS our aim is to recycle as many of the waste streams coming our way as possible, considering that many of these wastes are reuseable.

Nowadays, due to the ever-growing consciousness of society with regards to environmental conservation, sustainable development and the reduction in the use of the raw materials used in the manufacturing of consumer goods, recycling of used materials is a growing industry whose aim it is to convert these used consumables into raw materials to be reused in the production of new consumer products.

Wastes currently being recycled fall under the following major items:
  • Batteries: broken-down and component metals re-routed into copper and lead manufacturing.
  • Oil filters: oil removed and recycled as re-used oil or low grade fuel and metal parts re-used as scrap metal.
  • Tyres: we recycle tyres as an industrial low grade fuel.
  • Electrical equipment: broken-down into component parts and metals re-used in manufacturing
    of new equipment.
  • Fluorescent tubes.
  • Paper and cardboard.
  • Printer cartridges.