Brexit preparations

In preparation for a Hard Brexit, EWMS have made preparations and modifications to the existing Clinical Waste Incineration plant and Crematorium setup, with a view of maximizing local destruction throughput of infectious/biohazardous wastes and thereby minimising the need to depend on exports to EU Authorized Plants of any backlogs or excesses collected.

As a result of these modifications carried out on February to May in 2019 the plant has a much greater capacity as throughput has been increased as a result of reducing downtimes during shutdown and switch over of the different plant furnaces. Filtration has been improved and modified and the software has been modified giving us a live view of all measurable parameters hence a swifter reaction time for any stoppages or breakdowns and a much better preventive maintenance capacity.

We have also been working closely with our local environmental authorities as well as the authorities in Madrid during the Brexit transition and EWMS have managed to maintain full operability of all our hazardous waste streams which are sent to the EU Approved sites for treatment, recovery or disposal.