Covid 19 Pandemic

The pandemic has proved to be a challenging and difficult milestone for EWMS, where we have all been working very hard behind the scenes to ensure continued operability of the Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA) and the Elderly Residential Services (ERS) by collecting and destroying biohazardous wastes from these sites 24/7.

During the peaks of the pandemic the biohazardous waste streams from hospitals (GHA) and ERS sites more than doubled, all of which had to be collected and destroyed locally because of saturation of the EU Approved Sites contracted to collect any backlogs from us, as they were also immersed in the pandemic and resources worldwide were put to the test.

Even though we aren’t out of the woods yet, we believe that as a result of mass vaccinations the worst of it has passed. We must however remember all those who have lost their lives to this virus and also to their families and friends, for which it has been a very difficult time as they couldn’t be with their loved ones in their last moments and couldn’t be with them at funerals and cremations as a result of stringent Public Health Regulations prohibiting the gathering of persons, all with a view of defeating the virus.

We are glad the worst seems to be over and have learned a lot the hard way due to covid.

I would like to thank all our staff who worked tirelessly throughout these hard times and endured the workload and the challenge given to us by the virus, thanks to them EWMS managed to keep the GHA and the ERS running smoothly without any hindrance from biohazardous and infectious waste accumulations at their sites.