Gibraltar crematorium

In 2005 EWMS was granted a Government contract to design, build and operate for 20 years, the crematorium facilities at the Governors Cottage site in Europa Advance Road.

Building works were successfully completed in mid-2008 followed by the commissioning and licensing operations which was completed in April 2009. This is when the Gibraltar Crematorium was officially licensed for operations in compliance with the Crematoria Act 2008.

The crematorium facilities are equipped with a purposely built, non-denominational gathering hall, which has seating facilities for 100 persons. The design is based on achieving a serene atmosphere and using as much of the natural light available as possible. Separate toilet facilities are provided and all are wheelchair friendly.



EWMS are the owners and technical operators of the Gibraltar Crematorium, however for cremation arrangements please get in contact with the funeral directors of your choice, who will arrange the pertinent forms (medical certificates, authorisation for cremation, coroners certificates and government departments permits and authorisations) required by the Crematoria Act 2008. Your funeral directors will then contact us for the arrangements and times of the cremationsas agreed with yourselves.