EWMS was established in 1994 in order to adequately and responsibly deal with hazardous waste produced by local industries and Government departments in an environmentally friendly way.

Set up by Alexis Almeda (Chief Environmental Health Officer from 1974 to 1994) and Alex Trinidad (Operations Manager for Shell Co. of Gibraltar Limited until 1995), EWMS was established in 1994 in order to adequately and responsibly deal with hazardous waste produced by Government departments and local industries in an environmentally friendly way. Before EWMS, there were no effective and ecological methods employed locally to dispose of hazardous waste, and much was disposed of as general refuse. Nowadays, due to the ever-growing consciousness of society with regards to environmental conservation as well as the legal obligations placed on industry generally and the policing of these by the Environmental Agency, a large volume of the hazardous waste produced locally is now safely disposed of by us.


We are fully licensed by the Environmental Agency to collect, store and dispose of hazardous wastes. A full description of wastes currently handled can be found listed below.

At EWMS we provide the following waste disposal services:

Clinical waste

Collection, transportation and destruction services to all local clinical and medical waste producers (hospitals, clinics, laboratories, surgeries, dentists etc.). The collected wastes are incinerated at the local clinical waste incinerator facilities situated at Governor’s Cottage, Europa Advance Road.


Pharmaceuticals and medicines

EWMS provides a service for the collection and safe disposal of expired pharmaceutical products from pharmacies, suppliers and wholesalers.


Shipping waste

Located at the entrance to the Mediterranean and connecting the eastern and the western hemispheres, Gibraltar is a major shipping hub and is situated at a crossroads of the world’s main shipping lanes. Due to the vast numbers and varied types of vessels calling at the Port of Gibraltar a lot of shipping related wastes are landed for safe disposal and recovery. Landed wastes such as oil contaminated materials, sludge, paints are collected from the ship agents once landed and sent to EU authorised and approved disposal, treatment and recovery facilities.


Construction waste
  • Asbestos: locally licensed asbestos removal contractors use EWMS services to safely dispose of their asbestos waste at EU approved disposal sites.
  • Bitumen: road surfacing and roofing materials containing bituminous residues are collected and disposed of in EU approved landfill sites.
  • Contaminated earth: construction site excavations containing hazardous materials are collected and disposed of in EU approved landfill sites.


Commercial waste

The following materials are removed and safely destroyed by EWMS:

  • Paint
  • Acid
  • Alkali
  • Sludge
  • Batteries
  • Oil contaminated material
  • Developers and fixers
  • Solvents
  • Rubber
  • Waste electrical and electronic equipment
  • Ash
  • Fly ash


EWMS issues certificates of safe disposal in respect of all hazardous, non-hazardous and industrial waste disposed of in accordance with all local and international applicable legislation and in keeping with the local authorities environmental auditing requirements.

If your company has any other type of wastes not mentioned above or if you wish to meet us and discuss your particular needs please contact us.